when fruits come alive…

Again, i would like to share some picture that i take from a forum. Check this out…

1. An Apple turned into a butterfly

2. Unconditional love of tomato and orange

3.  A pear string

4. Watermeloner swimmer

5. Orange skin’s escaping reality

6. A finger eater apple

7. hand bread

8. A thirsty watermellon

9. hard orange worker

10. a tomato is a shepherd and broccoli are sheep

11. Rambo: first bread

12. un-fit bread shoes

13. cute yolk

14. cynical potato

15. hatred Lemonade

16. unspoken cabbage

(source: http://www.indowebster.web.id/showthread.php?t=60152)

Hope you enjoy the fruits, hihihihi


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