koleksi buku-buku komunikasi pt.4

Hello semua… Untuk melanjutkan tradisi, saya kembali untuk memberikan dan membagikan kembali buku2 komunikasi… Lanjut aja, silahkan..

1. News flash journalism infotainement Oleh Bonnie Anderson

While talking heads debate the media’s alleged conservative or liberal bias, award-winning journalist Bonnie Anderson knows that the problem with television news isn’t about the Left versus the Right– it’s all about the money.  From illegal hiring practices to ethnocentric coverage to political cheerleading, News Flash exposes how American broadcast conglomerates’ pursuit of the almighty dollar consistently trumps the need for fair and objective reporting.  Along the way to the bottomline, the proud tradition of American television journalism has given way to an entertainment-driven industry that’s losing credibility and viewers by the day.

Link: http://www.indowebster.com/News_Flas…fotainmen.html

Password: blackyway22

2. interviewing radio Oleh Jim Beaman

How do you conduct a successful radio interview? This book guides the reader through this and other topics in radio broadcasting-from the history of the radio interview to using equipment and producing a successful broadcast.

Link: http://www.indowebster.com/Interviewing_For_Radio.html

Password: blackyway22

3. we interupt this newscast Oleh Tom Rosenstiel

Local television newscasts around the country look alike and are filled with crime, accidents, and disasters. Interviews with more than 2,000 TV journalists around the country demonstrate that news looks this way because of the ingrained belief that ‘eye-ball grabbers’ are the only way to build an audience. This book contradicts the conventional wisdom using empirical evidence drawn from a five-year content analysis of local news in more than 154 stations in 50 markets around the country. The book shows that ‘how’ a story is reported is more important for building ratings than what the story is about. Local TV does not have to ‘bleed to lead’. Instead local journalists can succeed by putting in the effort to get good stories, finding and balancing sources, seeking out experts, and making stories relevant to the local audience.

Link: http://www.indowebster.com/we_interu…_newscast.html

Password: blackyway22

4. interviewing Oleh Gail Sedorkin,Judy McGregor

‘Sedorkin and McGregor provide journalists and writers with a wide-ranging, detailed and eminently useful guide to the art of the interview. From basic research to legal traps, they cover the subject fully. Newcomers to the craft will find this an invaluable book.’Kim Lockwood, Editorial Online Training Manager, News Limited’This comprehensive text on interviewing offers plenty of sound, practical advice for young journalists, working in both print and broadcast media. It is up-to-date with contemporary practice, such as email interviews, and is greatly enhanced by its numerous interviews with leading practitioners,’Jim Tully, Head of Mass Communication and Journalism, University of CanterburyGood interviewing is the key to good reporting and good stories. It’s a difficult skill to acquire and it can be stressful-but you can learn how to approach a total stranger and elicit information on a topic about which you know nothing.In this clearly-written guide, experienced journalists Gail Sedorkin and Judy McGregor show you step by step how to manage the interview process. They explain how to prepare, and what to do when you don’t have time to prepare. They outline the difference between ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ interviews, and show how to make the most of any interview situation. With tips and examples from leading Australian and New Zealand journalists, Interviewing is an essential guide for journalists, researchers and writers.

Link: http://www.indowebster.com/Interviewing.html

Password: blackyway22

5. news as an entertainment Oleh Daya Kishan Thussu

Richly detailed and empirically grounded, this first book-length study of infotainment and its globalization by a leading scholar of global communication, offers a comprehensive and critical analysis of this emerging phenomenon. Going beyond – both geographically and theoretically – the ‘dumbing down’ discourse, largely confined to the Anglo-American media, the book argues that infotainment may have an important ideological role, a diversion in which ‘soft news’ masks the hard realities of neo-liberal imperialism.

Link: http://www.indowebster.com/News_as_E…otainment.html

Password: blackyway22

6. media promotion & marketing for broad casting, cable and the internet Oleh Susan Tyler Eastman,Douglas A. Ferguson,Robert A. K

This fifth edition of the successful Promotion and Marketing for Broadcasting, Cable, and the Web, 4ed takes an important, timely look at the newest media venue, the Internet. Under its new title, Media Promotion and Marketing for Broadcast, Cable and the Internet, 5ed it takes a fresh look at the industry and the latest strategies for media promotion and marketing.

The book explores the scope and goals of media production from the perspectives of network and local television, cable, Internet and radio, including public broadcasting. Topics include: goals of promotion; research in promotion; on-air, print, and Web message design; radio promotion; television network and station promotion and new campaigns; non-commercial radio and television promotion; cable marketing and promotion; research and budgeting for promotion; syndicated program marketing; global and international promotion and marketing; and online marketing and promotion.

Link: http://www.indowebster.com/Media_Pro…_INTERNET.html

Password: blackyway22

7. global entertainment media Oleh Anne Cooper-Chen

Global Entertainment Media offers a unique perspective on entertainment media worldwide. As one of the first comprehensive books to address entertainment mass media worldwide, it addresses students as TV watchers and takes them to new places, both geographically and intellectually. Editor Anne Cooper-Chen has gathered an international group of scholars to explore such concepts as psychology, gratifications, and effects of media entertainment and its relation to national cultures, as well as to discuss the business of international TV trade by transnational media corporations.

In this volume, experts discuss the content, audiences, and cultural and legal aspects of their respective countries, all of which are major TV markets. The country-specific chapters draw on the individual insights, expertise, and currency of 10 resident authors. Contributions represent every hemisphere of the globe, offering detailed examinations of media entertainment in United Kingdom, Germany, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Japan, China, Brazil, and Mexico. The two concluding chapters provide cross-national case studies that look at familiar TV experiences–The Olympics and the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” show–in global and novel ways.

Global Entertainment Media is intended for students in international media, comparative media, cross-cultural communication, and television studies, and it also has much to offer scholars and researchers in entertainment media.

Link: http://www.indowebster.com/Global_en…ent_media.html

Password: blackyway22



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  1. husein

    Well, no matter who you are …
    but what you have done .. by posting the communication books in this blog is such kind of act the show your generousity …
    Hope God will bless u for this

    • recky rida

      Thx so much for your comment, it means so much.. 😀 I’ll try as best as I can to keep post of those kind of book… Once again thx for your support

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