Koleks buku-buku komunikasi pt.6

Here are some book might be useful for people who would like to write something about health communication.. Enjoy to download it..

1. Health Communication by: Renata S

“Health Communications: From Theory to Practice” is a much-needed resource for the fast-growing field of health communication. It combines a comprehensive introduction to current issues, theories, and special topics in health communication with a hands-on guide to program development and implementation. While the book is designed for students, professionals, and organizations with no significant field experience, it also includes advanced topics for health communication practitioners, public health experts, researchers, and health care providers with an interest in this field.

Praise for “Health Communication: From Theory to Practice”

“Dr. Schiavo superbly blends the practical with the theoretical in an elegantly and simply structured text on health communication. Her strategic use of case studies mixed with her own substantial field experience in the complexities of health communication in action effectively draws attention to the fundamental theme: health communication is a multifaceted and multidisciplinary field. And there are no magic bullets.”
— Everold Hosein, Ph.D., communication advisor, World Health Organization Mediterranean Center for Vulnerability Reduction, Tunis, Tunisia and co-director, Indiana University Global Health Communication Research and Resources Project, Indianapolis

“Essential reading for health communication students, professionals, or individuals who are new to the field. The abundance of practical advice, professional tips, key concepts, case studies, and illustrative examples facilitates the application of the theory and the use of the tools presented in this book. I have not found a more comprehensive and systematic guide into the art and science of this multidisciplinary field.”
–Walter Saba, M.H.S., senior program officer, JHPIEGO–an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University

“Health communication is integral to public health practice and advocacy. This book on its theory and practice fills a gap in the public health literature in a way that is accessible, useful, and comprehensive.”
–Sally Guttmacher, Ph.D., professor, director MPH Program, Steinhardt School, New York University

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2. Health Care Communication by: Judy Allen,Susan A. Brock

The importance of effective communication in health care both with patients and with other professionals, has long been acknowledged. However, most models assume that all the people with whom we communicate will react the same way – what works for one person will be equally good for another. InHealth Care Communication Using Personality Type, Susan A. Brock and Judy Allen contest this assumption. This groundbreaking text draws upon examples from everyday health care situations to demonstrate that the behaviour differences we all experience in others actually fit within a readily understandable framework (the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). Using this knowledge, successful health professionals can learn to vary the way they approach patients, more effectively break bad news and encourage clients to follow clinical advice.

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3. Narratives, health and healing communication theory, research and practice by: Lynn M. Harter,Phyllis M. Japp,Christina S. Beck

This distinctive collection explores the use of narratives in the social construction of wellness and illness. Narratives, Health, and Healing emphasizes what the process of narrating accomplishes–how it serves in the health communication process where people define themselves and present their social and relational identities. Organized into four parts, the chapters included here examine health narratives in interpersonal relationships, organizations, and public fora. The editors provide an extensive introduction to weave together the various threads in the volume, highlight the approach and contribution of each chapter, and bring to the forefront the increasingly important role of narrative in health communication.

This volume offers important insights on the role of narrative in communicating about health, and it will be of great interest to scholars and graduate students in health communication, health psychology, and public health. It is also relevant to medical, nursing, and allied health readers.

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4. Lists of review of health communication theory

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enjoy it


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