koleksi buku komunikasi dan sosial part 9

Mumpung masih semanget buat berbagi, silahkan dilanjut di unduh jika berniat…

  • Intercultural Communication by: Everett M Rogers





  • Diffusion Innovation by: Everett M Rogers

Since the first edition of this landmark book was published in 1962,Everett Rogers’s name has become “virtually synonymous with the studyof diffusion of innovations,” according to Choice. The second andthird editions of Diffusion of Innovations became the standardtextbook and reference on diffusion studies. Now, in the fourthedition, Rogers presents the culmination of more than thirty years ofresearch that will set a new standard for analysis and inquiry.The fourth edition is (1) a revision of the theoretical framework andthe research evidence supporting this model of diffusion, and (2) anew intellectual venture, in that new concepts and new theoreticalviewpoints are introduced. This edition differs from its predecessorsin that it takes a much more critical stance in its review andsynthesis of 5,000 diffusion publications. During the past thirtyyears or so, diffusion research has grown to be widely recognized,applied and admired, but it has also been subjected to bothconstructive and destructive criticism. This criticism is due in largepart to the stereotyped and limited ways in which many diffusionscholars have defined the scope and method of their field of study.Rogers analyzes the limitations of previous diffusion studies,showing, for example, that the convergence model, by whichparticipants create and share information to reach a mutualunderstanding, more accurately describes diffusion in most cases thanthe linear model. Rogers provides an entirely new set of case examples, from theBalinese Water Temple to Nintendo videogames, that beautifullyillustrate his expansive research, as well as a completely revisedbibliography covering all relevant diffusion scholarship in the pastdecade. Most important, he discusses recent research and currenttopics, including social marketing, forecasting the rate of adoption,technology transfer, and more. This all-inclusive work will beessential reading for scholars and students in the fields ofcommunications, marketing, geography, economic development, politicalscience, sociology, and other related fields for generations to come.





  • Entertainment Education and Social Change by : Everett M Rogers

Arvind Singhal and Everett M. Rogers have developed this unique volume focused on the history and development of entertainment-education. This approach to communication is the process of designing and implementing a media message to both entertain and educate to increase audience members’ knowledge about an educational issue, create favorable attitudes, and change overt behavior. It uses the universal appeal of entertainment to show individuals how they can live safer, healthier, and happier lives. Entertainment formats such as soap operas, rock music, feature films, talk shows, cartoons, comics, and theater are utilized in various countries to promote messages about educational issues. This book presents a balanced picture of the entertainment-education strategy, identifying ethical and other problems that accompany efforts to bring about social change.





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5 responses to “koleksi buku komunikasi dan sosial part 9

  1. Melia

    Kak, ada buku Mass Media Research; an Introduction ga?? Karangannya Roger D. Wimmer n Joseph R. Dominick.
    Saya butuh banget bukunya bwt buku panduan matkul…>_<

  2. Melia

    Kak, ada buku Mass Media Research; an Introduction ga? Karangannya Roger d. Wimmer dan Joseph R. Dominick…
    Saya butuh banget buku itu bwt panduan matkul kak…>_<

  3. nia

    kak recky kok dah lama gak posting lagi…
    ditunggu nih postingan buku komunikasi lainnya…

    • recky rida

      hehe maaf belum sempet di update lagi.. padahal kemaren2 mau share buku littlejohn yang Theories of human communication.. mungkin secepatnya nanti saya upload secepatnya ya

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